My Comeback

Hello fellow bloggers and readers of the Secret Post,

I am very sorry that I have been away so much but moving is a complicated and excruciating process. I always wanted to write something about it but my mood was often unexpected and I didn’t want to post anything without carefully knowing my real thoughts behind it.

Anyways I am finally back on track and I can definitely say that I am rested and more eager than ever to get back on my laptop and write some more! Starting tonight I’ll be writing all about what moving to a new place is like, the ups and the downs because like everything else in life you have to embrace the good and cope with the bad.

I must say it feels good to be back!


Hope to have news and come read some of your blogs as well.


Looking through the window of a Train

I travel a lot. Like for real, it seems like I never stay in one place for more than a couple of weeks. I could use my car or go by plane but my favourite transport remains the train. I know, it’s kind of cliché.. But glancing out the window seeing everything around you move so fast while you’re just sitting down, it’s a sort of metaphor for time: a moment seems so still but in a blink of an eye you’re already 5 years ahead of that moment. Also looking around riding with strangers I can’t help but wonder how they’re living their life right alongside me, maybe this is the first and last time our paths will ever intertwine or maybe this is the very beginning of an amazing story.

There is an undeniable romance in looking through the window. I hate to be that girl but I can’t deny the whole window pain thing, cause it’s 100% real to me. 

I will get on the train, find my seat looking all confused because my luggage is always ten times heavier than what I can handle. Some stranger, usually a man, will ask:”Do you need help with that miss?” And I’ll look like I have found my guardian angel, take a deep breath and be like:”Yes! Please! Thank you so much.” Then he’ll probably make some joke about how heavy it is like:”Did you hide a body in there?” I’ll be a little embarrassed but smile anyway because in the end he was just being kind. After all this messy part is over I start preparing for the travel ahead take off my coat and pull up my hand bag from underneath the seat and start taking out my 3 essentials: my phone, my ipod and a notepad with a pen. The first 2 are a bit more obvious than the third. The third is still a mystery to me. That notepad is always with me and if I ever forget it I feel so bad, and yet I never use it. Sometimes I look at it and think: I should write this or I should draw that but in the end I feel so overwhelmed by what’s going on outside that I never actually turn a page. At some point I’ll do something about it but for now it’s sort of like a tiny blanket for a kid: makes me feel safe. Anyway at this point it’s usually when the engine starts roaring and I get seated because we are about to leave the station, and there it goes.. The magic just happens. I’ll turn on my ipod and find an album that I like and just put it on shuffle and forget the rest of the world. Of course it can’t be just any album here are my top 4 albums to listen to while travelling by train. It’s 4 different albums of 4 different genres, it applies to different occasions or even different taste.

  • Maroon 5’s Hands all Over


I’ve always liked Maroon 5. Every album has had a special meaning to me and a different vibe to experience. That being said whenever I’m feeling sentimental but at the same time very “sexy” this album brings back all the memories of my love life that I tend to suppress in a very bright light. The bad stuff that hurt me in the past sort of blurs in with the good. I like most of the songs on the album but both “never gonna leave this bed” and “runaway” just give me chills.

  •  Ed Sheeran’s X


This album holds a special place in my heart. I started to listen to it during a very bad break-up. The up beat hits who made me feel less miserable such as “Don’t” or “Sing” are the ones you’ll find yourself shaking your hips to even though you’re sitting down and everyone else is looking at you. However the best part of the album is no doubt the sweet and heartbreaking love songs. Profound and simple yet complex lyrics only accompanied by the sound of Ed’s guitar. There were a lot of tears and a lot of thinking but this album helped me in so many ways to live through a really hard period of my life, I highly suggest it, it’s a sort of cure.

  • Arctic Monkey’s AM

Arctic Monkeys_Am

Well for any indie/alternative rock fan this album has been the highlight of 2013. Every song is different and so surprising both its melody and its lyrical point of view. There is love, passion, sex and even a sort of ballad on the power and the love for music itself. I can’t pick a favourite song I can only say that if you’re feeling like enjoying a travel as an unexpected journey through words and guitar strums let yourself be surrounded by the “Mad Sounds”.

  • Taylor Swift’s 1989


Any girl (and sometimes boy) can relate to both the joy and the struggle within this album. It starts with this hopeful “Welcome To New York” beat that lets you feel like anything is possible. Then within “Style” and “Out of the Woods” you’ll find yourself thinking back to your failed relationships and looking at them with a whole different point of view a mixture of nostalgia and resignation. Then the drums will hit you again in the 4 next tracks bringing the joyful freedom of being a 20 something while empowering every fiber of your being. The rest of the album from “Wildest Dreams” to “I Know Places” is literally the journey of oneself figuring out what you want and what you need from the surrounding world we live in. In the end it all wraps up with “Clean” as the anthem of the successful adventure that is being a young adult. If you’re feeling like you don’t have everything figured out this is the album to sing along to.

As usual let me know if you any suggestions and also share your experiences on travelling as well as your musical journeys. There is nothing that I would enjoy more. Maybe I’ll even pick up something you’ll suggest to listen to while looking outside the window of the train.


Growing up with N.C.I.S.

Whatever happens, never miss an opportunity to do good. Doing good, in general, just means you get to fill yourself and others with satisfaction. Being satisfied with yourself is the best way to stay clear of depression and frustration. To me frustration is the cause of most cases of youth depression, you have your whole life ahead of you but you don’t seem to look forward to any of it. And here I will give an advice again, another show that takes my mind off of everything else.

Most of crime tv shows bring the science, or the story and find themselves in different genres like comedy or drama or science fiction and so on.. What I found in the tv show N.C.I.S. is a perfect balance. I’ve been following the show for about 10 years, 13 seasons and still I never get tired of it. It carries me away in all the complex plots and heart warming relationships between these fascinating characters. Every episode is a tapestry I am intrigued constantly and I’m still amazed that after 12 seasons they have more ideas for season 13 (and I like what I’ve seen so far).


N.C.I.S. is a part of who I am.” This applies to me in such a realistic way it almost scares me. In 10 years I’ve grown from a young naive teenager to a conscious responsible (most of the times) adult. Through this painful complicated journey this show has been a constant, and as most of you will know, at that age having something stable in your life means a lot. Also this specific something happens to not talk back and just “understands“. The episodes are all so diverse and you can sense genuine research behind every story-line not only in the single episode but also in the general lives of the characters that we all learn to love. Each one of them brings different dynamics to the show because of how peculiar they are.


The mixture of humor and drama is perfectly balanced in the show. That’s why I believe it’s so popular, its formula works so well because this genre dynamic is a well oiled machine that shows its true powers in the relationship that are formed.

First of all they are not only friendly relations some characters are haunted by profound and deep feelings of despair that are resolved only in the family that they have created within this work environment. It gives you hope that even in the worst possible situations you can always find someone to give you a shoulder to cry on, a way out of your sadness. Second of all as I said before it’s inside these liaisons that the writers develop the humor and the drama and that’s why I got so attached to them. They made me laugh and they let me into their pain at the same time, no boundaries.

tumblr_liqktawnmx1qadluio1_500                        ncis_i_love_you_mcgee

I was a very weird teenager, I always wanted more out of life. Watching this show has allowed me to be who I am in every single way. I saw bits of myself in every character I was geeky like McGee, extremely positive like Abby, insecure like Tony, sentimental like Ducky and nostalgic like Gibbs.

Gibbs is the man that has a rule for everything. This is also something I picked up from the show: decide who you want to be and be that person despite everyone else. It brings a sentiment of peace.







Confident or Pretentious ?

Most of the people I know are constantly letting me down. By letting me down I mean that I usually have high expectations and they are almost never satisfied. It’s a common mistake of those who like me want to believe in people unconditionally. Obviously this only applies to the first couple of times, I quickly learn my lesson then. Every relationship is supposedly based on trust and empathy (check this previous post of mine if you’re interested : but how do you discern the good from the bad?

I like to think that when I meet people I don’t need too much time to figure them out, though I’m still learning.. After listening them talk for a while I sort of decide if I want to know more or not. Like everyone else what I look for in a person is the peculiar things, a weird story, a funny nickname or I don’t know anything really as long as it catches my attention. Lately what happens is that when this crazy tales are told I tend to not believe them.. why? because they sound too unrealistic or too fabricated. This is when my mind finds a crossroads:

  • Should I believe him/her?
  • How can I be certain about all of this?
  • Why would they make up such a thing?

Basically I become super paranoid…


If someone has a great story or an insane background and they are confident about it there is nothing that I enjoy more than a rich entertainment. Confident means you have considerable skills and you’re not afraid to share them with the people around you. I honestly admire that, I wish I was more confident. Confident is healthy it allows us to stay clear of frustration. Now what I don’t appreciate is a different kind of “bragging”: the kind that doesn’t come from experience or hard work, it’s the kind that comes from laziness and thinking you’re craftier than the person in front of you. You tend to identify it in people who talk way too much and are experts in every matter. I call these pretentious clowns. I’ve seen many and I had terrible encounters with these not so rare specimens and the only thing that they left me with is a sense of confusion. Why? Why lie? I barely know them, and I am more than sure that they have many other interesting REAL things to talk about.


In the end I am left with the utter conclusion that those who like to pretend are those who need the attention the most. I know it’s hard to, but be kind to them. Hoping you’ll come visit soon again.



Hair struggle? No more!

I‘ve always struggled to find a good product for my messy head. Yes, head. Not only my hair stops being “normal” just a few days after I have washed them and blow-dried them but I also have a very sensitive scalp. If you have the same issue, and like me you have been running in circles trying to find the perfect treatment, search no more, I’ve got you!


This brand called Rene Furterer is french and has all kinds of merchandise. According to your needs you can find the perfect treatment with a few simple steps. The only thing you have to do is go online to their website and take a sort of test, this test will allow you to learn more about your hair and suggest the best options to take good care of it. Having tried so many kinds of remedies if I am recommending this one it’s because I have tried it and found the results outstanding.


Before even talking about your custom individual treatment there is one particular product that applies to everybody just because it’s a basis to prepare your scalp. This oil called Complexe 5 is a mixture of plant extract.


It has a distinctive texture combined with a pleasant strong scent, its sole purpose is to regenerate and fortify your scalp directly from the roots. The essential oils are a blend of orange extract (which will promote the micro-circulation and is an effective cleanser) with lavender extract that is widely known for its relaxation properties. The two combined allow this “elixir” to be a huge factor of efficacy for the rest of your hair-care:

“It multiplies effectiveness of the subsequent treatments by 10.”

How do I use it? The best way to not only be effective but enjoy the process is to:

  1. using a comb divide your hair in 4 or 5 sectors and apply a reasonable amount of oil (unless you bought the package containing the 12 vials in that case use one vial)
  2. start to massage your scalp in a circular motion so that you allow the penetration of the oil 
  3. let the magic happen by waiting for 5 to 10 minutes (you might start to feel a sensation of hotness on your head but that’s perfectly normal it’s the stimulation of your micro-circulation)
  4. wash off the oil and apply the subsequent treatment 

If you apply this technique once or twice a week I promise the results are brilliant. Obviously not everyone will find my personal subsequent “therapy” useful but I will still walk you through it as a sort of example:

So after having washed off the Complexe 5 my pick was the Carthame shampoo. The first time I apply it I gently rub my scalp so that I can also rinse off the remaining oil then I apply it a second time only this time I keep it on for about 2-3 minutes allowing it to fulfill its purpose: hydrate. At the very end I tend to put a little conditioner, (depending on the day I had) I either use Fioravanti to give it more “shine” or Karite when I find my hair particularly dry.

1_-_shampooing-lait_hydratant_0 3_-_soin_expanseur rene_furterer_karite_conditioning_cream_300

Hoping you have found this useful, let me know in the comment section if you have also tried different treatments or if you are interested in this one I’d be happy to know if it worked for you as well.



Friends.. of our Lives

I know it’s gonna sound soooo lame, BUT there is no way that there is a more significant tv show than Friends. Every time I feel a bit lonely or just want comfort there is nothing that cheers me up like watching an episode of this glorious show.

FRIENDS -- Season 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Fun Fact: The original title for the tv show was supposed to be “Friends Of Our Lives”. 

Now about this fun fact, I think ,although the title Friends was a much easier and popular name, the original name was right on point! One of the true powers of the show is that once you start watching it, you seriously have the impression like these characters are part of your life they become your Friends. You relate to them and you feel for them, and somehow it makes it all ok.

Each character brings a special something to the story line and obviously to the meaning of the show it self..

giphy (6)

The strict restless Monica, the one that always looks like she has got it all together and always needs to be in control when she really just is a warm kind person who is just a little bit too obsessed with pleasing everyone around her. Nonetheless she remains this amazing caring freaky friend we all wish we had, because her being so in control means we get to relax and enjoy her presence.. and an exquisite well cooked meal!


giphy (7)

Oh well, I don’t even know where to start! Chandler the joker, the hilarious man that uses sarcasm as a way to hide his own weirdness. That same weirdness is the reason why you can’t help but adore him. As a girl in her 20s I can just say he is all I would look for in a guy: charm, love and fun.. so much fun.


giphy (8)

The misunderstood singer and psychologically challenging Phoebe Buffay. Not only she is insanely amusing and her songs are so catchy (I have found myself singing Smelly Cat in the most unexpected moments) but she is the ultimate weirdo and every time I watch the show I wish I was more like her: funny and in touch with the universe.


giphy (9)

Anyone watching the show for the first time would find Rachel annoying or snobbish.. Well the reality here is that if you’re a girl you end wanting to be her and if you’re a guy you’re going to want to be with her. Anyway you put it she is the real deal. Her journey through the show is probably the most inspiring at least from my point of view. She is THE strong hot woman, her life is a roller coaster and she manages to live through it with just a little help from her friends.


giphy (10)

We all have that one friend, that one friend who has the worst luck in the world, that friend who always means well but somehow finds himself in the most terrible situations. Ross represents all that! Also his passion for Paleontology makes him the know-it-all of the group, the sort of thing that really pisses you off but that you end up finding useful when you least expect it.


giphy (11)

Joey‘s catchphrase is known worldwide! He represents the 90’s stud, a mixture of hot and dumb while still managing to be a truly wonderful human being. When needed he is the first one there and he would do anything to make his family and friends happy. His confusing acting career makes him the perfect example for a young adult in his 20s who’s struggling to find the right path.

These beloved characters are the main reason why this show worked and still works so well. In all of this I do not want to forget the writers and those who behind the scenes made this show legendary. The jokes and the clever lines make the show funny but in the end it’s the adventure of these 10 years of their life that draw you in.

If you ever feel lonely this is my number one advice.. watch a little bit of Friends. You won’t regret it because they’ll be there for you.

giphy (5)




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Love is Everywhere

Love is all around us. Love is food, business, people, work.. And because it’s so present in our lives even if not directly, we can’t help but want it.

Unfortunately at this age it comes and goes and usually leaves you feeling hopeless but the reality is that it’s all worth it. Every bit of misery we will experience is worth all the wonderful emotions love puts us through.

When I feel sad, about this I mean, the only thing that makes me feel better oddly enough is to see more of the beauty and passion there is in love, even if it’s not mine to hold. There is only one right way to do so, and that is to watch an amazing tv show.

giphy (2)

I watch so many tv shows lately I’m literally swamped. But why tv shows and not movies or books you might ask? That is a fair question, and my answer will be that: a movie is too short to actually give you long term benefits (although a really good movie could literally make your day), a book is a good equivalent but needs your full attention and if your more of a visual type you’re going to need a lot of imagination to seriously absorb it in all of it’s depth. Tv shows bring characters to life and through their journeys we grow, we laugh, we cry and yes.. we love. Tv shows are all so diverse and creative that it’s hard in the end not to feel entertained (and so forget about why you were feeling blue in the first place) and overwhelmed by the insane stories that they allow to be told.

This post is a sort of introduction explaining why from time to time I will focus on a tv show and not only give it a sort of review but also reveal to me what kind of emotion suites it better so you can enjoy it the most. It will be my journey of emotions and my diary of secret home made recipes.

If you also are a tv show lover feel free to suggest or add anything you’d like to say in the comment section, hope you enjoyed my love declaration..of love.


The mixed feeling of Autumn


I‘ve always wondered something, something that happens to me a lot lately and I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had anyone special in my life lately or whatever…
So basically I have these super random moments where I’m like walking down the street with my tiny black boots and my grey coat and I feel the little autumn breeze through my hair and I think:”maybe I’ll turn here and at the corner I’m gonna meet a special someone.”

I know I’m coming across pretty desperate maybe, but it gets lonely lately so every occasion to have an unexpected fun encounter is welcomed. So.. when I get up in the morning I like to think I’m preparing myself for another great mysterious day, I’ll pick my clothes carefully and wear a little make – up then run out of the house because I always have so much stuff to take care of and hope that day is the day. Usually I do get back home and nothing that special happened during the day but it feels good to keep the “fantasy” going. Also it’s a great excuse as I said before to dress up and keep up with the styles that fit this time of the year.

giphy (1)

These fall mornings are giving me a total indie rock/hippie bohemian vibe, and it’s definitely showing: I do not miss a chance to wear my leather jackets and high waist jeans. When it comes to the clothing I’m very specific lately, usually takes me hours to decide what to wear.. The real struggle is choosing the make up: I either go with very pale beginning of summer-ish colours, or very dark purples punk rock shades, and sometimes when I just have no idea what to do I mix both. And guess what? It works! If you want to try my version of these styles out check out these links that will show you what I mean with polyvore sets that I personally created. I don’t actually own the exact same things but I try to stay as true as possible, so if it’s not the same brand it sure looks a lot like what I use/own.

Last but not least, after this little fashion passage, I’d like to say that if you’re reading this and like me you don’t have someone special in your life right now, it’s ok to be sad, or on the contrary to be overly optimistic about everything like I am. Everyone deals with it in different ways but if I could give you an advice based on my personal experience, it’s that dealing with it without really dealing with it by constantly focusing on yourself and keeping busy as much as possible makes it easier and let’s you enjoy this extremely emotional part of your life.

Hoping you’ll let me know what you think about all this in the comment section 🙂